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Sir John Grey

1432 - 1461

Sir John Grey was the first husband of Elizabeth Woodville and from their marriage came two children: Thomas and Richard. Whilst married to Elizabeth, Sir John Grey became a strong supporter of the Lancastrian cause during the Wars of the Roses. Grey fought for the Lancastrian side at the battle of St Albans in February 1461 and died there. John’s mother Elizabeth Ferrers, 6th Baroness Ferrers of Groby, kept the dowry lands that should have gone to her son’s widow Elizabeth Woodville.

From The Lady of the Rivers

I send for Elizabeth, my oldest girl, to come home to see her father before he leaves. I have placed her at the house of the Grey family at Groby Hall, near Leicester, just fifty miles away. They are a wealthy family, with kinsmen all around the country, ruling thousands of acres. She is supervised by the lady of the house: Lady Elizabeth, heiress to the wealthy Ferrers family. I could not have chosen anyone better to teach my girl how a great woman runs her household. There is a son and heir at home, young John Grey, who rode out against Jack Cade, a handsome young man. He will inherit the estate, which is substantial, and the title, which is noble.

From The White Queen

'My husband was Sir John Grey. He died at St Albans,' I say. It is to confess his treason and the damnation of my sons. The king will recognise the name of the commander of his enemy's cavalry. I nip my lip. 'Their father did his duty as he conceived it to be, Your Grace; he was loyal to the man he thought was king. My boys are innocent of anything.'

Image: Arms of Grey: Barry of six argent and azure

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