It's a Prince Thing

Part of The Princess Rules


The sequel to The Princess Rules sees rebel princess, Princess Florizella, going on even more adventures, but this time, she also has a little brother in tow...

Once upon a time, there was a princess who broke all the rules, and dared to be different…

So when that same princess – Florizella – finds a baby boy delivered by stork to her parents' palace, she is shocked to discover that he will one day be king and inherit her kingdom! For every prince is given a permit which allow them to do whatever they like in the same way that every princess is given a set of rules that they have to live by.

As soon as Princess Florizella's brother is big enough to have adventures, she takes him all over the land, fighting pirates, wrestling with a sea serpent and rehoming a woolly mammoth.

Can Florizella prove that girls having rules and boys having permits isn't right? And that princes and princesses, and girls and boys, should be anything that they want to be…



It's a Prince Thing is illustrated by Chris Chatterton. It was first released in ebook and hardback (UK) on 1st October 2020. The hardback was also be available in Canada on 24th November, and in Australia and New Zealand on 2nd December. It was released in paperback in the US on 4 March 2021.

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